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The January Health Curse

Why do so many people start the year with good health intentions and then fail to keep them going? Dr Jeff Foster explains.

Partner’s Guide To Menopause

Menopause affects all women and is a normal event, although symptoms and severity can vary greatly. However, it can also be difficult for partners to know how best to support their loved ones. Here, our Women's Health Lead and menopause specialist, Dr Verity Biggs, gives partners all the information they need to know about menopause.

Can changes to my diet increase testosterone levels?

Many things impact on our health and wellbeing. In terms of testosterone, its loss tends to be multifactorial, including triggers such as age, disease, and also what we eat. However, there are many foods that will support our bodies.

Top 5 Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

With nearly 1 million men already diagnosed with testosterone deficiency in the UK, and testosterone itself being synonymous with the idea of strength, virility, and wellness, it is surprising that so many men who suffer with low levels of testosterone still struggle to obtain a diagnosis. With that in mind, here are the 5 most common symptoms of testosterone deficiency (TD)

Jo Whiley struggles with menopause

Our Women's Health Lead and Menopause doctor, Dr Verity Biggs, discusses the struggles that BBC Radio presenter Jo Whiley shared yesterday about the impact of menopause symptoms whilst presenting her radio show.

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