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Man Alive: The Health Problems Men Face and How to Treat Them.

This time of year is a period when people start to think about their health and how to set healthier habits for the year ahead but the truth is that, whatever the motivation, the key is to just get started.

Men are notoriously bad at taking care of themselves and their health but add to that the statistics that not only do men have a greater chance of getting almost every illness, but that one in five men die before the age of 65.

Dr Jeff Foster
Dr Jeff FosterMedical Director & Male Health Lead

Dr Jeff Foster is a Men’s Health specialist and one of the founders of H3Health.

You can find out more about Dr Foster by viewing his latest articles and biography .

Get informed, and take action!

To help men understand their health better, our co-founder, Men’s Health Specialist and Medical Director, Dr Jeff Foster, has written the definitive guide to Men’s Health, Man Alive: The Health Problems Men Face and How to Fix Them.

The book is described as, “The ultimate guide on how to stay healthy as a man, both physically and mentally. A thought-provoking and informative read that gives every man the tools he needs to live a healthier, happier and longer life” Jason Fox, Ex-Special Forces and Bestselling Author.

In Man Alive, Dr Foster examines the most commonly misunderstood aspects of men’s health, such as testosterone deficiency and “male menopause”, heart disease, diabetes, and mental health. He also looks at conditions related to male anatomy and physiology, including erectile dysfunction and prostate disease, with advice on what symptoms and signs to look for, how to self-examine, and when to consider seeing a doctor. Dr Foster covers problems to do with lifestyle too, including obesity, poor sleep, bad nutrition, and lack of exercise, and he examines the evidence for specific health claims – busting plenty of myths along the way.

This book is a great starting point whether you want general advice on improving your health, or if you have something specific that’s worrying you.

Next steps

Regardless of whether or not you choose to refer to Man Alive, or even decide to have a Men’s Health MOT to check whether all’s well under the bonnet, the key is to do something.

If you’d like to talk to one of our men’s health specialist GPs, why not give us a call on 03309 120769 – we offer consultations online or face to face, whichever you prefer.

You can purchase a copy of Man Alive by Dr Jeff Foster from Amazon.co.uk below:

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