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Jo Whiley was struggling with menopause during Radio 2 show backlash

Our Women’s Health Lead and Menopause doctor, Dr Verity Biggs, discusses the struggles that BBC Radio presenter Jo Whiley shared yesterday about the impact of menopause symptoms whilst presenting her radio show.

Dr Verity Biggs
Dr Verity BiggsWomen's Health and Menopause Lead

Dr Verity Biggs is a Women’s health specialist and our female health lead.

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Experiencing menopause

This is an honest account from BBC radio presenter, Jo Whiley, demonstrating that menopause is not all hot flushes and night sweats.


As GPs, we see varied symptoms including brain fog as Jo mentions.  Some people experience anxiety, low mood, variable moods and mood swings, low self esteem and confidence.  Too often we hear stories about people giving up their careers as they feel they are no longer able to do a job that they were good at, or relationships breakdown due to their struggles.

Unfortunately, as these symptoms can be caused by many other conditions, including mental health, they can go untreated, or treated with antidepressants, but it is well known that these symptoms, when caused by hormonal changes during menopause, do not respond as well to antidepressants.

Women often describe that they have lost their mojo; their spark; their drive.

Jo also describes other physical symptoms such as sore eyes, burning mouth and tongue, again, not your “typical” menopause symptoms that everyone thinks off.

Sometimes, it’s not until a few symptoms start to appear that we link it to hormonal changes and seek help.

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