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Dr Jeff Foster on This Morning!

Our Medical Director, Dr Jeff Foster, was featured live on ITV’s This Morning with Phil and Holly discussing the manopause, what it is, its symptoms and impact on men’s lives, and similarities to the menopause.

Dr Jeff Foster
Dr Jeff FosterMedical Director & Male Health Lead

Dr Jeff Foster is a Men’s Health specialist and one of the founders of H3Health.

You can find out more about Dr Foster by viewing his latest articles and biography .

Is your other half suffering from man-o-pause?

Dr Jeff Foster appeared live on ITV’s This Morning with Phil and Holly alongside patient, Chris, who we have treated for low testosterone. In the interview, Dr Jeff and Chris shared what it’s like living with the symptoms of low testosterone, its importance to male wellbeing, and then discuss the different treatment options. Chris also revealed the transformational impact that the treatment has had on his life. During the interview Dr Jeff reflected on the similarities between low testosterone (sometimes referred to as the manopause, or more correctly as andropause) and the menopause in women. As Chris reveals, it was his wife that suggested he seek advice from a men’s health specialist after he complained about feeling tired, less able to concentrate and generally fatigued. He put it down to getting older, but after a consultation and blood tests it was discovered that Chris was suffering from low testosterone – something that’s easily treated.

The interview can be viewed here: https://www.itv.com/thismorning/articles/is-your-other-half-suffering-from-man-o-pause

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