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Dr Nish Wiratunga

Dr Nish Wiratunga grew up in Switzerland, America, Belgium, the UK and Sri Lanka eventually settling in Warwickshire having graduated from Warwick Medical School in 2004. He is the Senior Partner in a large practice in Coventry and over the years has developed a keen interest in Diabetes, Cardiology and Men’s Health.

One of Nish’s passions is education and this has led him to organising and delivering a weekly GP education programme to the 500+ GPs in the region, as well as lead on training future GPs in his practice.

Nish is also the co-founder of YH2, a digital health technology startup based in Sri Lanka. YH2’s vision is to bring patient empowerment and safety to healthcare in the developing world through the digitisation, streamlining and integration of the healthcare ecosystem via a digital patient owned health platform.

In his free time, Nish can be found cycling along the country lanes of Warwickshire with his family or playing football with the guys one of which includes our very own Jeff Foster!

Men’s health doctor

Dr Nish Wiratunga
Dr Nish WiratungaMen's Health Doctor & General Practitioner

BSc (Hons), MBChB, MRCGP

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