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“Suffering from tongue pain?”. Don’t ignore it.

“Suffering from tongue pain? This is what it could be trying to tell you”. Tongue pain may point at wider health issues – Dr Jeff Foster comments in Woman&Home magazine.

Dr Jeff Foster
Dr Jeff FosterMedical Director & Male Health Lead

Dr Jeff Foster is a Men’s Health specialist and one of the founders of H3Health.

You can find out more about Dr Foster by viewing his latest articles and biography .

Woman&Home: Are you experiencing tongue pain?

Are you experiencing tongue pain? If so, it might be trying to tell you something that’s going on with your health. While how your tongue feels might not be something you often consider, it can be a very important indicator of what’s going on in the rest of your body. As such, if you feel any discomfort in your mouth it should most certainly not be ignored.

You can read the article online here: https://www.womanandhome.com/us/health-and-wellbeing/six-things-your-tongue-symptoms-are-trying-to-tell-you-204901/

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