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“No, you’re not just old and off sex….it’s the manopause”

Dr Jeff Foster and the Sun on Sunday generate some much needed awareness of low testosterone in men. In the same way that the profile and understanding of menopause has increased in recent months, so too should the potentially devastating impact of low testosterone be raised to help men who are suffering recognise the symptoms and seek help.

Dr Jeff Foster
Dr Jeff FosterMedical Director & Male Health Lead

Dr Jeff Foster is a Men’s Health specialist and one of the founders of H3Health.

You can find out more about Dr Foster by viewing his latest articles and biography .

We couldn’t be more passionate about this story, and helping raise awareness of manopause, or low testosterone, in men and what can be done to help sufferers.

From the article in Sun on Sunday:

SEX life? What sex life?

When men hit their forties, they often feel exhausted, irritable and are the butt of grumpy old man jokes.

They are always tired, suffer broken sleep and even night sweats or a bulging waistline.

Most men simply put it down to ageing but The Sun on Sun- day’s resident GP, Dr Jeff Foster, says it could well be the mano- pause — a serious medical issue where testosterone levels drop.

Dr Jeff said: “It is comparable to but more subtle than meno- pause, where oestrogen levels drop suddenly. Once men hit 30, they naturally lose around one per cent of their testosterone every year. It’s very gradual.

“It happens to everyone, though it may occur at different ages. You slowly grind down to become a grumpy, fat old man who doesn’t want as much sex as when they were 20.

“Society tells men what is happening to them is normal for their age, but it’s not normal. It’s a medical problem and there is something you can do about it.”

Here, Dr Jeff reveals all you need to know if you or your partner are going through the manopause . . .

You can read the full article online here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/19003717/old-off-sex-the-manopause/

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