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Patient.info: Dr Verity Biggs contributes to the debate on the dangers e-cigarettes for teenagers

Our Women’s Health Lead, Dr Verity Biggs, comments in an article for patient.info on the dangers of “trendy” e-cigarettes for teenagers.

Dr Verity Biggs
Dr Verity BiggsWomen's Health and Menopause Lead

Dr Verity Biggs is a Women’s health specialist and our female health lead.

You can find out more about Dr Biggs by viewing her latest articles and biography .

Will making e-cigarettes available on prescription encourage teenagers to smoke?

The government is hoping to make England smoke-free by 2030. They’re implementing various strategies, including the possibility of offering e-cigarettes on prescription. However, there are concerns that e-cigarettes look “trendy”, and therefore encourage teenagers to take up smoking. Is this true, or are prescribed e-cigarettes a step in the right direction? Dr Verity Biggs comments on the dangers of younger people being drawn to vaping when they’ve never previously used tobacco.


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