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Our unique Health MOT

We spend an average of £400 a year servicing our car, and yet we don’t think about doing the same for ourselves?   A decent health check, (or MOT), is a way of knowing not just how you are now, but looking at ways to reduce the risk of illnesses in the future, and also to optimise our health through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

It’s time to look after your health

Appointments can be booked now, either online or face to face at our consulting rooms in Warwickshire.

What makes a great health check or MOT?

There is an abundance of health checks available so how do you which one is the best for you?  Is it the most expensive? The one with the most tests? Or is a cheap quick one just as good?   The key to any good health check is one that individual, and tailored to you. 

We created H3 Health due to our frustration at the poor options previously available to the over 40’s. Most health checks follow a similar pattern, a standard template of generic questions, tick boxes and generally “lifestyle bases” i.e. sleep, exercise, diet etc, followed by a set of simple biometrics and cheap tests generating basic feedback for the patient that could be delivered by anyone able to read the info.

Our health check is different for 5 reasons:

  1. We only use tests or examinations that actually have a genuinely useful and medically driven purpose and meaning. There is no “smoke and mirrors” about what we test for.
  2. We’ve chosen the best and most comprehensive set of tests to reveal your current health position, in keeping with our mission to provide effective preventative health for the over 40’s.
  3. We look at patients holistically with a bespoke set of questions and tests because, after all, we’re all different.
  4. We treat your problem rather than just refer it on. Unlike many health checks that result in feedback being given to a patient that they then take to their GP, we take a holistic approach and if we find a problem, we treat it. We come up with an agreed management plan with our patients and prescribe and follow up as needed.
  5. All of our consultations are with a doctor who specialises in either men’s or women’s health.

Joint MOT – £1425 (SAVE 10% on second consultation*)

A joint MOT for partners who want to assess their health.  To book a joint MOT call 03309 120769

*Conditions apply – both MOT tests most be booked and paid for at the same time.  If one MOT is cancelled, then the other MOT will revert to full price. 10% is subtracted from the cost of one of the MOT bookings.  See full Terms Of Sale.

Male Health MOT – £750

Our male health MOT – designed with the health of men in mind.

Female Health MOT – £750

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Our female health MOT – designed to ensure that every woman is fighting fit for the future.

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