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Top 5 tips for surviving a hormonal Christmas.

Our Women’s Health Lead and Menopause doctor, Dr Verity Biggs, gives her advice on how to survive Christmas.

Dr Verity Biggs
Dr Verity BiggsWomen's Health and Menopause Lead

Dr Verity Biggs is a Women’s health specialist and our female health lead.

You can find out more about Dr Biggs by viewing her latest articles and biography .

Christmas can be challenging for the best of us…

Christmas is not all sparkles and jingles for everyone.  It can be a very difficult time, financially but also juggling work and home life, missing loved ones, and trying to keep everyone happy.  Add hormones into the mix, and it can make it a very tense and stressful time.  But in truth, these tips are for everyone, not just for women struggling with menopause symptoms.


Christmas Survival Tip 1

Take time out for a breather away from others and noise when it’s getting too much.  Go for a walk, take a bath, put on some music, meditate, or exercise.

Christmas Survival Tip 2

Make sure you rest. Staying up late, and going out often, can all get a bit much. Then our sleep patterns become disrupted, and sleep quality is poor. So try and ensure you rest and get a good night’s sleep and try and keep to your usual routines.

Christmas Survival Tip 3

Stop worrying about what you’re eating – eat what you want and when you want, but remember to enjoy it. If you aren’t enjoying something, then don’t have it.  Try to make sure you are eating regular meals and drinking enough fluids, and take time to sit down and eat, rather than reaching for something quick. Snacking on the run means that you won’t appreciate what it is and tastes like – try mindful eating and being present.

Christmas Survival Tip 4

Delegate! Often, we’re running around trying to do everything and end up doing too much. Instead, ask others to help – give them specific tasks or chores to do and share the workload.

Christmas Survival Tip 5

It’s ok not to be enjoying every moment.  You can’t please everyone, there may be tears or arguments, and that’s where Tip 1 comes in!

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