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Our response to the BMJ’s “astonishing” article on why menopause shouldn’t be “medicalised”.

Our Women’s Health Lead and Menopause doctor, Dr Verity Biggs, shares her views on this sensitive issue.

Dr Verity Biggs
Dr Verity BiggsWomen's Health and Menopause Lead

Dr Verity Biggs is a Women’s health specialist and our female health lead.

You can find out more about Dr Biggs by viewing her latest articles and biography .

Why is there a debate around medicalising menopause?

Medicalising Menopause has been widely discussed this week in the media and on social media platforms. The BMJ critised this phenomenon saying that we should be embracing this time in life instead.

There can be lots to celebrate, but there is so much more to it than periods ending. Some will grieve their lost fertility, and missed chances of having a family. Some people have symptoms so severe that they cannot function in day to day life and stop working and being able to cope. Symptoms can vary so much.
Why should these people be expected to just suffer with these symptoms when there is so much help out there?!
Not everyone will need HRT and some will use herbal remedies, lifestyle changes and complementary therapies, or a combinaiton of all. Some sail through menopause and barely notice any changes except periods stopped, but for others it is decades of symptoms.
So what should we do? Simple, if you are struggling….get help!

Medicalising Menopause Debate H3Health

If you have concerns or symptoms that you’d like to discuss with a menopause specialist doctor, you can find out more here.

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