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Male Mental Health

Sadly, there is still a stigma attached to admitting you are suffering with mental illness as a man.  Despite several high-profile media campaigns, suicide rates remain greater in men, and a culture of “manning up” means that many of those men who need help do not speak to someone until it is too late.

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What is mental health?

It may seem odd to dedicate an entire section of a men’s health website to mental illness. After all, women suffer with mental health problems just as much as men, and statically, more women are diagnosed with depression than men.  But male psychology is different. In 2018, 75% of suicides in the UK were men aged 45-49. This was a rise of 10% compared with the previous year.  12.5% of men in the UK are suffering from some form of mental health problem and we know that men are less likely to access psychological therapies than women with only 1/3 of referrals to psychological therapies being for men 

There have been widespread media attempts by various high profile celebrities to raise awareness of male mental health, but for many men, talking about their feelings or worries still remains a taboo subject.   

Men living in the 21st century are now struggling to find an identity and understand where they fit in modern society.  On one hand, we tell our kids to “man up!”, and “don’t cry like a girl”, while on the other hand we are telling men to sit with their best friend and openly cry and hug if it makes them feel better.  

It is no wonder, therefore, that many men struggle with their mental health and find it hard to know who to access and how best to treated.  

What are the symptoms of mental health?

Not every man who is depressed will experience every symptom, but the most common features of depression include: 

  • Feeling low, “empty,” flat, or hopeless 
  • Irritability, or aggressiveness 
  • Feeling anxious, restless, or panicky 
  • Noticing a loss of interest in work, family, or once-pleasurable activities
  • Decreased sex drive 
  • Memory issues and poor concentration 
  • Feeling very tired, not being able to sleep, or sleeping too much 
  • Overeating or not wanting to eat at all 
  • Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts 
  • Relationship failures or struggling at work 
  • Social isolation and withdrawing from social groups or friends and family 
  • Increased risk of alcohol or drug problems 

Risk factors for depression 

Remember not every man who suffers with low mood, anxiety, or depression has been the victim of traumatic life events.  It is always important to rule out underlying medical causes: 

Medical conditions – for example, low testosterone or  thyroid disease, or B12 

Genetic factors  – family history of mental health or other genetic triggers 

Environmental factors – financial problems, loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship, major life changes, work problems, or any stressful situation may trigger depression in some men. 

Why are we different at H3 Health?

The main areas that H3 Health can help if you think you might be suffering with mental illness is by: 

Offering time – each of our appointments is 30 min long.  

Continuity of care – once you have spoken to your doctor, he is your doctor and will follow you up each time so you can build a trusted relationship. 

We look at the cause – we don’t just hand out anti-depressants.  We look for underlying physical or psychological causes that could be causing your decline in mental health.  

Medication and Talking therapies – in patients where medication is needed, we will prescribe and monitor all medications as well as offering referral to a range of specialist male-health psychologists and psychotherapists.  

Support – we understand that talking to a doctor may be the hardest part of the journey into tackling your mental health, and by working together we can help you feel better yourself and take away some of the stigma that still surrounds male mental illness.  

Meet some of our medical team

Dr Jeff Foster
Dr Jeff FosterMedical Director & Male Health Lead
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Jane Anderson
Jane AndersonConsultant Urological Surgeon
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Dr Varad Baskar
Dr Varad BaskarConsultant Endocrinologist
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Dr Nish Wiratunga
Dr Nish WiratungaMen's Health Doctor & General Practitioner
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Dr Quentin Oury
Dr Quentin OuryMen's Health Doctor & General Practitioner
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Frequently Asked Questions about our Male Mental Health service

Can I get repeat prescriptions?2021-07-30T12:56:49+00:00

When it is safe to do so and you are stable on your medication, we can issue a set quantity, or allow you to order your medication as needed.  Some medication requires monitoring, such as blood tests, and you will be reminded of this. Failure to complete these monitoring requirements will mean we will not be able to issue your prescription for safety reasons.

Can I have an appointment remotely?2022-06-12T22:35:31+00:00

Yes – we offer remote appointments via our secure web conferencing system (it’s very similar to Zoom or MS Teams).

We offer the same level of service for remote appointments – but obviously cannot carry out any physical examinations.


Can my GP surgery do my blood tests?2021-08-01T23:58:29+00:00

We have partnered with a national phlebotomy service, Nationwide Pathology, who offer accredited blood tests all over the U.K. As such, we would request that, where possible, you do not obtain blood tests elsewhere. For those patients that have already had blood tests, we are happy to use them provided they were obtained from a reputable source, such as your NHS GP. However, we ask that you do not expect your NHS surgery to do further testing for you as you have chosen to seek private health care.  If you do obtain blood tests from other clinics, they may need to be repeated (especially if via finger prick).

Do I need a GP referral letter?2021-06-28T17:27:37+00:00

No, a GP letter is not needed.  However, you are welcome to send us a letter, or a summary, if you feel it would help.

Do you treat patients living overseas?2021-06-28T17:25:11+00:00

Unfortunately, we can only see and treat patients who are residing in the UK.  We are unable to treat anyone who lives, or is temporarily, overseas.

How do I book a consultation?2021-06-28T18:36:13+00:00

You can call 03309120769 (national rate) to speak to one of our team or use the online web contact form.  You can also email

Alternatively, a number of our services can be booked online – you’ll see a Book Now button on the appropriate service pages.

How do I make a complaint?2021-06-14T18:06:59+00:00

Please see – we take all complaints very seriously and will investigate your issues in a customer-centric way.

How much are prescriptions?2021-08-02T00:03:23+00:00

The cost of the prescription varies depending on what you need.   Charging is very different from NHS treatments where the prices are subsidised and you only pay £9.35 per drug regardless of how many packs you need. Some items are more expensive – Female Testosterone, for example, is £80 per tube, but this will last 3-4 months.

How much do blood tests cost?2021-08-02T00:00:20+00:00

The cost of blood tests vary. We will recommend the most appropriate group of tests to suit your requirements.  We can test for one thing alone, or a group.

For example, a single testosterone blood test is £35 and a full well man screen is £190.

How will I get my prescription?2021-08-02T00:04:10+00:00

We send your prescriptions via electronic prescribing to our pharmacy partner, CloudRx. They will prepare them for you, and deliver the medication to your door within 72 hours, and often sooner.

How will I get my results?2021-06-28T18:55:20+00:00

It can take up to 7 days for the processing of your blood tests and for us to receive notification from our partner, Nationwide Pathology.  Once we have received them your doctor will be notified, and they will review them.  Your doctor will then email them to you with any comments, via a secure link.

Depending on your chosen service, you may have a follow-up consultation to discuss your results.

If I need to contact you, how do I do it?2021-06-28T18:52:17+00:00

You can call 03309120769 (national rate) to speak to one of our team or use the online web contact form.  You can also email

Please note that we do not provide urgent care or assistance, and in these cases, you need to contact NHS 111, or 999 if an emergency.  Or contact your own GP for other matters.

Is H3 Health regulated?2021-06-28T17:40:25+00:00

H3 Health is regulated by the Care Quality Commission who are the independent regulator of health and social care in England – you can find out more about the CQC at their website.

Is there anyone you don’t treat?2021-08-02T00:01:49+00:00

We do not treat anyone under the age of 18 years.

We do not provide urgent care or treatment of acute conditions.

If you have a medical emergency we request you call 999 or urgent care service via your NHS GP or 111 service.

What does the cost of the consultation include?2022-06-12T22:38:38+00:00

The consultation costs include the appointment with the GP only.  It does not cover prescriptions, follow-up appointments, monitoring blood tests or any further investigations.


What happens after my appointment?2021-06-28T18:50:30+00:00

After you have seen the doctor, they will send a letter to your normal GP advising of any new diagnosis, treatments and plans.

What other costs might there be?2021-06-28T21:05:21+00:00

You might need further blood tests or investigations, or a referral to a specialist.  We will explain the cost prior to undertaking any work.

You will be charged £30 per email to the clinical team after your consultation if you require further time.

Where do I get my blood tests done?2021-07-30T13:02:45+00:00

After you have your pre-appointment assessment, if you require a blood test we will arrange a convenient time and location for one of our trained healthcare specialists to visit you to take bloods and carry out any other physical tests that may be required.

Where will my face-to-face appointment be?2022-06-12T22:37:11+00:00

If you are seen in person, then this will be at either;

  • Warwick Nuffield Hospital,  The Chase, Old Milverton Lane, Leamington Spa, CV32 6RW
  • Balsall Common Health Centre, 1 Ashley Drive, Balsall Common, Coventry, CV7 7RW
Who will I see at my appointment?2021-08-01T23:56:40+00:00

All of our consultations are doctor-led. You will see a practicing GP, all of whom work within the NHS also, and have a dedicated interest in either Men’s or Women’s Health. For example, for testosterone deficiency you will see a male GP who has a specialist interest and understanding of this condition. For menopause, we have female GPs who have a specialist interest in Women’s Health. Where additional support or treatment is required, we can also refer you to our other specialists such as hospital consultants.

Why do I need to provide my GP details?2021-06-28T17:38:28+00:00

We want to practice as safely as we can and involve your normal GP.  We will notify your GP of treatments we provide so that they can update their systems and ensure that there are no concerns highlighted over other treatment you might be receiving from them.  For example, some medications cannot be taken alongside others, or you might need more monitoring with some.

For that reason, we ask that you provide your GP’s details before your first appointment using the email address.

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